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About the Behavioural Ideation Tool

We developed this tool to enrich the creative ideation process be exploring what influences decision-making and behaviour. The examples it uses were aggregated from many sources, using the MINDSPACE framework as a reference.

Professor Paul Dolan and other leading behavioural thinkers* created MINDSPACE to make it possible to apply psychological insights to non-academic settings. These examples are not the intellectual property of Ogilvy nor have they been formally validated against the MINDSPACE model.

*Dolan, P., Hallsworth, M., Halpern, D., King, D., Metcalfe, R., & Vlaev, I. (2012). Influencing behaviour: The mindspace way. Journal of Economic Psychology, 33(1), 264-277. doi:10.1016/j.joep.2011.10.009